"Few products have ignited interest in the digital photo printing market more than photo books. While the 4-by-6 snapshot was the fuel for driving 20th century amateur photography, the photo book is the new standard for high-end digital photofinishing."
PMA Photo Book Report July 2006
Global Photobooks’ licensable software allows network providers, photofinishers and photographic retailers to capitalise on one of the fastest growing digital photo products today – the photobook. Global Photobooks' software caters to consumer and professional markets and exports a proprietary, encrypted file format locked for printing only by the Licensee.
By integrating Global Photobooks' technology into an existing business you can differentiate your service with a unique coffee-table book product, offer customers a new and meaningful way to present photo memories, and establish a new and lucrative revenue stream.
For more information on Global Photobooks' software and licensing contact enquiries@globalphotobooks.com.

Visit the websites of Global Photobooks' software licensees to view the software:
Momento and Momento Pro licence Global Photobooks' solution in Australia. They are the dominant service provider in the local consumer and professional markets via online and retail distribution channels.   Brazilian photofinisher DigiPix added photobooks to their existing service with a Global Photobooks' software licence. The software has been translated into Portugese and has been distributed under three different brand names.